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Share your stories in video, written or photographic form. You can tell your own, personal stories or you can obtain informed consent from a relative, elder or community member to conduct an interview with them to share online.

"Informed consent"simply means:make sure that your interviewee knows what they are getting into and is okay with it. Your job is to share the information they need tomake an informed decision. This should happen ideally before you do the interview,but definitely before it is shared or published (Dr. Sailaja Krishnamurti, 2012).

Why informed consent is important:

  • We are asking people to share their own personal history. We need to do this with care and respect.
  • People have the right to control how they tell their stories, and to whom
  • People have a right to assess for themselves the consequences of their participation
  • People have the right to decide whether to share memories which might be difficult
  • People have the right to decide how their likeness or voice might be recorded and represented. As the interviewer, you have the ethical responsibility to protect these rights.

For more info on how to obtain informed consent, read The Brown Canada Project, Informed Consent for Interviewing compiled by Dr. Sailaja Krishnamurti.

As the interviewer, you must have the person you interview sign The Consent to Participate form and submit it to the Brown Canada project at To obtain informed consent from them, read the form over and answer any questions the interviewee has.

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Terms & Conditions – Brown Canada

Submission Consent Form for Author/Interviewer

The Brown Canada Project is a community-led project which seeks to document, explore and create South Asian histories in Canada. Organized by Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA) and funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, this project has several goals, including: the creation of a comprehensive and participatory website on South Asian histories, stories and realities, with contributions from diverse South Asian communities and focusing in part on memorializing the historical Komagata Maru incident; creation of a dvd, resource booklets and a youth-led play on the Komagata Maru; and hosting several creative writing and digital storytelling workshops relevant to South Asians with differing ethnicities, ages, genders, sexualities and class backgrounds. Submissions to the project will generally be personal stories or personal photographs or they will be collected by community animators facilitating community involvement in the project.

When a submission features an interview, photo, story or other footage of a person other than the Author/Interviewer, that person should be informed of the purpose of the project and consent to the public display of the content online and in print forms. Prior to conducting an interview or obtaining photos from community members, the interviewer/community animator should provide the "Consent to Participate in the Brown Canada Project" form to the interview subject and brief them about the use of their story or photo. The person being interviewed has the right to ask questions, decline to participate and to stop the interview or data collection process at any point. If they agree to participate in the project, the community animator must ask them to sign the "Consent to Participate in the Brown Canada Project" form. The interview subject and the community animator should both keep copies of the form for their personal records.

For more information, please contact Anita Khanna, Brown Canada Project Manager at or 416 932 1359 extension 13 with any questions or concerns.

I understand the purpose of the Brown Canada Project and consent to sharing my story/contribution to be recording in written, audio, or visual format. I understand that my contribution will be used to document, create and share South Asian histories in Canada, in multi-media, online or print mediums. I agree that my contribution may be used in archival and/or promotional material for outreach and educational purposes for the Brown Canada Project. I agree that my contribution may be edited and/or otherwise altered by CASSA with my permission.

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