Arts of Resistance
Author: South Asian Womens Action Collective
Date: 2012-06-29 17:41:06
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Metatags: Youth, Resilience, South Asian,

Artwork by Nisha Sembi_image
Artwork by Nisha Sembi
Artwork by Nisha Sembi_image
Artwork by Nisha Sembi

SAWAC hosted a competition for young South Asian women to encourage creative art work submissions in a medium of choice. The contest was initially limited to the GTA but by the end, we recieved submissions from young South Asian women from California and India, a testament to the need for creating spaces which foster and display the creativity of young Sout Asian women. This art represents the resistant love and the passionate anger that we have all felt at some point but never had the words or colors to express.


Aminah Baig

Khushboo Gulati


Nisha Sembi

Nisha Sembi

Shameela Zaman, Burning Heart  

Tasha Nathan

Varishti Upadhyaya

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