My far away land, a diasporic journey
Author: Veronica Diaz
Date: 2012-06-29 17:19:30
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My far away land

a diasporic journey



What I don't see is my faraway land

with longing eyes

I don’t dwell among this beautiful land

Since I left I only have treasured memories


What I do see are dreams

nostalgic reality which remind me

to be proud as my colourful heritage,

my Mexican language

with the chamacos, and the escuincles,

to let my colours shine

 with the purples of Tenochtitlan,

and the hot pinks of the cactus flower,

 the greens of Chiapas

 letting the yellow bloom with the sunny essence of our Banda music,

with mariachi songs like:

 Ay ay ay ay, canta y no llores.....

letting my orange be as delicious as my mangos and

red and spicy as my chillies and my native blood.


I only desire to keep the vision of my land

 the lovely plum mountains of the fall with nutritious apples

close my eyelids and encounter a place of arches and historic houses

buildings made of stones

the stones stolen from our ancestors,

those who sang to the golden sun,

to Shivalva, the Mayan underworld and

prayed to Chicomecóatl, goddess of subsistence and fertility

those whom held respect of our mother Earth

whom believed we were one and shared with other creatures

Those who valued the power of dance, women wisdom and two-spirited


 I want eternity to listen to the melody of our birds and our crickets,

 the prickly pears giving rest to that furious thirst of my mighty dessert,

I want infinity to feel the rays of our mighty Aztec gods

filling our lost memories

Quetzacoatl, Coatlicue

 Tlaloc y Meztli

Feminine and Masculine

those broken, stolen, imprisoned philosophies

tiny images of cultured times where oral history thrived

and human sacrifices were around

  stars were measured

and nature was within us.

 I want Señor Bosque, Mr. Forest give us welcome to our forests

 and Mrs. Wind, Señora Viento give us aliento,

the passion for every breath.



Lets not forget the moonlight melody of the lost battle

 near el arbol de la noche triste

 Cry with my grandparents

with the lost battles

The rebels, the survivors, the conquerors, the ambitious

Yes. I am Mestiza, Métis, half blood

I bare the pain of different sides

I am the unity of two bloods

Two continents

I have a bitter historic battle in my inner being,

 what do I resemble...

Revenge, Forgiveness, Redemption?


I want to honour the union of memories

Have a language of melting ideas

That when I speak it caresses many realities of roots

The roots of my Nahuatl and Cora past and present

The stories of my escaping and ambitious European grandfathers


WE, my people

 are fighting, thriving to be one blood, one body

To be Mexican blood,

 I am finally strong, proud, confident

I put away flags and sing to honour la tricolor

Green, white, red

Fields, liberty and blood

Fighting for unity

To make our homeland a proud independent nation


But now in Canada I only want

to sing and draw our migration stories

 Be proud of my far away land

my grounds and my roots

So we can start to feel home.

 live, work and play



By Veronica Diaz Garduno

Created and edited since Dec 2010- Nov 2011-April 2012-May 2012

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